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An IC time calculator

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:49 am    Post subject: An IC time calculator Reply with quote

This little function was rehashed together from the do_time() and update_daylight() functions in the code. What it does is it calculates what the IC time will be given a number of ooc hours in the future, so if you put in the command ictimecalculate 240 then it will tell you the IC date 10 ooc days from now.

First, at the top of act_info.cpp you need to add:

#include "ictime.h"

Then somewhere below, add this new function:

void do_ictimecalculate(char_data *ch, char *argument)
   const char *suf;
   int hours;
   int day;
   int month;
   int year;

   if (IS_NULLSTR(argument) || !is_number(argument)){
      ch->println("Syntax:  ictimecalculate <OOC Hours into the future>");

   hours = atoi(argument);
   if (hours < 0){
      ch->println("You can't calculate into the past.");


   calc.minute = time_info.minute;
   calc.hour = time_info.hour; =;
   calc.month = time_info.month;
   calc.year = time_info.year;

   //now advance calc time
   while (hours > 0)

      if ( calc.hour == HOUR_MIDNIGHT )
         calc.hour = 0;;

      if ( >= ICTIME_DAYS_PER_MONTH-1 )
      { = 0;

      if ( calc.month >= ICTIME_MONTHS_PER_YEAR-1 )
         calc.month = 0;

   day =;
   month = calc.month+1;
   year = calc.year;

   if ( day > 4 && day <  20 ) suf = "th";
   else if ( day % 10 ==  1       ) suf = "st";
   else if ( day % 10 ==  2       ) suf = "nd";
   else if ( day % 10 ==  3       ) suf = "rd";
   else                             suf = "th";

   ch->printlnf("Date predicted: `W%d`S/`W%d`s/`W%d`x",day,month,year);
      "It will be %d o'clock %s, Day of %s, %d%s the Month of %s in the year %d AK.",
      (calc.hour % (ICTIME_HOURS_PER_DAY/2) == 0) ?
         (ICTIME_HOURS_PER_DAY/2) : calc.hour %(ICTIME_HOURS_PER_DAY/2),
      calc.hour >= (ICTIME_HOURS_PER_DAY/2) ? "pm" : "am",
      day_name[day % ICTIME_DAYS_PER_WEEK],
      day, suf,

And finally, don't forget to add lines to interp.h and interp.cpp for your new function. Then compile, reboot, and set up your new command in comedit.

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