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Valhydn MUD

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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2004 11:23 pm    Post subject: Valhydn MUD Reply with quote

Valhydn MUD

Where did we come from?

As a fresh start, I am regathering my old team that worked together and brought Solitude MUD to the mudding community, a long time developed professional MUD that was disbanded despite many objections due to lack of ability to expand and work on the old codebase and server.

What does the MUD stand for, what are its plans?

Valhydn MUD retains our old MUDs goals, 'Neat professionalism while maintaining a friendly playing environment.' We achieve this by only offering services and features with neat visual presentation, fully functioning features and only perfected designs that meet the needs of both players and staff to achieve their goal.

Some of the plans for the MUD are as follows, but not limited to these:

* A fixed world size/map. No zones popping up for no reason, already existing cities expand realistically, sometimes a new settlement will be made, but only if the population of a city requires it.
* Traditional fantasy theme, no aliens with laser beams, just the old warriors, enchanters, rogues and healers.
* A player-involved decision making process. If players want to have a say they can do it simply.
* In game politics. Full time players can become a king, but a part time one might want to become a squire. But you'd need to get the votes first!
* Features that adapt to players needs. Why bother having something if players won't use it?
* Evolving storyline. If a dragon attacks your village, why would it be instantly rebuilt after a maintainence reboot?
* Jobs, trades and hobbies.
* Restricted playerkilling. You can kill your friends if you want, but the guards might not think it's that funny. Nor will you when you get put in jail.
* No downtime, we think a reboot to clean up the world is all that should happen. All features will be tested on a second non-player server before implementation.
* Horses for knights, broomsticks for witches, shadows for thieves, these are just some of the ways to get around the world.
* Forums, website and offline player mail access, for those who find it easier, or maybe can't get online at the time.
* Helpful staff that try and get back to you as soon as possible. Heck, if you really want to you could message my mobile.

The MUD and website are almost ready for Beta testing so we hope to see you soon! Should you have any inquiries regarding the MUD please email me at , immortal applications will be available on the website soon.

Andriel - Valhdyn MUD Implementor

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