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Beta 4 update

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:36 pm    Post subject: Beta 4 update Reply with quote

I just posted about the pending beta 4 release in another email.

Should hopefully be this weekend.

In the mean time, the change log Smile

- Kal


Since Dawn1.69s.beta3

16:21 06/01/2007 - Kal
- added a virtual destructor to entity_data in order to adhere to the c++
  specs, and also address a compiler warning with the latest GCC versions.

19:23 06/01/2007 - Kal
- Increased EVENTQUEUE_HASH_SIZE to 769 (from the testing value of 3)
- Added to the entity_data class member functions save_events() and
- Wrote event_data::save_events_for_entity_chain()
- Added an event_flags[] table for saving/loading event flags
- Added an event_types[] table for saving/loading event types
- eventtype_to_text() now uses flag_string() and the event_types[] table

20:21 06/01/2007 - Kal
- wrote loading of events for characters

20:25 06/01/2007 - Kal
- made pets and objects load and save events

21:21 06/01/2007 - Kal
- added a "group" field to event_type... This is to allow the events system
  to support grouping of events.  If you don't specify a group when queuing
  a command, it defaults to group EVENTGROUP_DEFAULT (1). 
  With grouped events, it will be possible to dequeue all events
  relating to a set of mudprogs without dequeing the others.  Also, an
  ifcheck will be implemented so you can test to see if a mob/object has
  any events queued belonging to be a particular group.
- Extended do_mpqueue to allow the optional specifying of the group at the
  time of queuing... the syntax is:
  "mud queue [g#,]<seconds> command"  Where # is the group number... e.g.
  "mqg5,2 smile" will queue an event that smiles in 2 seconds in group 5.
- Mudprogs can queue events with a group value of 1 through 31999,
  system/hardcoded events can use EVENTGROUP_SYSTEM (32000) and higher.   
- Delayed prints by the code are in group EVENTGROUP_SYSTEM_PRINT (32001).
- Changed do_mpqueue so you can now queue events to occur in up to 25 days

18:38 07/01/2007 - Kal
- extended event purge system to support purging individual groups and
  all mudprog queued events with EVENTGROUP_PURGE_ALL (0), and every
  queued event except that which is executing using
- extended do_mpdequeueall to support an optional parameter of 0 thru 31999
- enhanced all debug and logging functions to show event group value
- PERS() now shows a Q before a mob/obj vnum in holyvnum with queued events

21:54 07 January 2007  - Kal
- added mudhelp as an invisible alias for mphelp
- extended the mphelp on queue to discuss queue groupings.
- wrote has_eventgroupqueued() and ifcheck haseventgroupqueued
- wrote ifhelp entry haseventgroupqueued with example
- extended the mphelp on dequeueall to document the extended functionality
- confirmed that queued events on corpses and the objects they contain can
  save across reboots.

22:05 07/01/2007 - Kal
- begin_remort() now copies the class and race from the old class to the
  new, this is overwritten when they player goes through creation, but it
  allows previous class/races selections to effect available remort choices
- added remort_to_classes to class_type

22:46 07/01/2007 - Kal
- wrote classedit_setremortclasses() and classedit_addremortclass()
- added code to save remort_to_classes and initialise it correctly on load
- implemented enforcement of remort_to_classes into nanny_get_new_class()
  and other creation code.

21:23 07/07/2007 - Kal
- event_data::event_data() constructor calls smash_tilde() over text input.
- renamed do_dump() to do_dumpstats()... moved it below do_dumpeventqueue
  in the interp table.  do_dumpstats() is pretty pointless, tweaked it
  so it gives some screen output about what it is doing.

22:11 07/07/2007 - Kal
- Started converting mydrian fields only code into code for the dawn release
- converted the mf_experimental creation system
- made visible the mf gamesetting flags

22:32 07/07/2007 - Kal
- Increased size of EVENTQUEUE_HASH_SIZE from 769 to 6151, results in an
  extra 25KB to 50KB of memory footprint, but will provide better
  performance on muds that use queuing heavily.
- Fixed a crash bug, where non queued events were attempting to dequeue
  themselves on player quit, if the player was in ooc.
- Moved events statistics counters into event_data() contructors and
- added code to log enqueuing as well as dequeuing

22:50 07/07/2007 - Kal
- MF CODE Enablements:
-  enabled 16 additional MXP/HTML colours previously in MF only code
-  prac is now split into two sections, stuff you can and can't prac.
-  enabled hint giving directions to where you can prac and train if defined
-  enabled mf gsn_*_mastery where * = blade, dagger & arms (tristan)
-  restoring a player, removes their lag - useful when teaching spells as
   an imm to a player.
- classedit gets the following additions:
   Newbie_prac_location_hint: none
   Newbie_train_location_hint: none
   Pendant Object Vnum: 25103 (an emerald pendant)
   ---------Recalls to: Eldorynth Town Hall (room 24500) [Eldorynth]
   NewbieMap Object Vnum: 24577 (a map of eldorynth)
- classedit gets the following functions
   DECLARE_OLC_FUN( classedit_newbie_prac_location_hint );
   DECLARE_OLC_FUN( classedit_newbie_train_location_hint);
   DECLARE_OLC_FUN( classedit_pendant_vnum);
   DECLARE_OLC_FUN( classedit_newbiemap);
- introduction of a new imp function - replaychar()
- colour system gets some functions to generate html tables
  colour_generate_html_table() etc
- MF battlelag prompt - shows the number of queued commands
- spell list has a new category - "Use On Self Only Spells"
- enabled blessed_grounds and mana regen (tristan)
- enabled advanced_dodge (tristan)
- enabled common language
- enabled /me for emote (for irc users)
- do_language() lists the languages you can speak
- enabled do_mpsetclass (tristan)
- new players get a map specific to their class on create if one is set
- do_gain() shows useful extra info

20:54 31/07/2007 - Kal
- Configure system updated to support IPv6 :)

22:21 31/07/2007 - Kal
- Surrounded visual studio specific #pragmas with #ifdef _MSC_VER instead of
  #ifdef WIN32... since they relate to the specific compiler.
- resolver_poll_and_process_WIN32(), cleaned up use of PeekNamedPipe to get
  around compiler errors with MinGW

23:42 02/08/2007 - Kal
- removed the manual defining of rename() in db.cpp and save.cpp... this
  should be defined in stdio.h.
- various cleanups to make the code compile cleanly in Visual C++ 2005:
- changed order of include files, so wincfg.h is one of the first includes
  #ifndef _USE_32BIT_TIME_T if the compiler is visual c++.
- resolve.cpp - now specifies ASCII version of CreateProcessA etc even if
  UNICODE is defined
- fixed up some of the cpp files, so either network.h or include.h is always
  the first file included.

00:03 03/08/2007 - Kal
- Updated and to work with MinGW and autodetect the
  need for ws2_32 lib... also moved $(LIBS) to the end of the linking line
  to work around a stupid bug in MinGW
- Added $(LIBS) to resolver linking line so MinGW can link it

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